Obesity Epidemic

I used to be able to look up from my garden and see sky, but now that my neighbors have decided to add on, this is what I look at. Americans are trained to think bigger is better, more successful, it translates to cheap mega mansions, our vehicles getting larger and larger, SUV being the norm car to drive.  Capitalism will stop at nothing to sell, destroying our land and destroying our health, as kids walk out of gas stations with 2 liter cups of soda and icey’s. America is fat all around.

Vegan and meditating 

I am now vegan, and realize I was probably allergic to dairy anyway. My digestion has been working so much better, that if I had to choose between pooping or a donut, I’m sorry but I’d choose to poop.  Also, meditating has been a wonderful addition to my life.
I am so grateful for all the kale in my garden this year!  I am so grateful for my studio shed!   Continuing to learn to want nothing!

Woke up very early

My artist self is drowning in the sea of soccer mom. Must figure out a way to integrate the two.

Again I have to remind myself of my previous post.  It’s so easy to say but so hard to actually incorporate into daily living, "want nothing and be eternally grateful."

Want nothing and be eternally grateful

Want Nothing and be eternally grateful, and happiness and bliss are yours.

Not Going to McDonalds; How Simple Choices Make a Big Difference

My Husband had taken the boys to his Sister's house for the night, so when I woke up in the morning my only decision was, what to have for breakfast.  We have a McDonalds about a mile away from our house.  We live in an interesting area because on the other side of our neighborhood, just down the street from us is a gourmet bakery, but this was Sunday, and they are reasonably not open. So my first thought was to get a cheap egg McMuffin, boom breakfast would be done, and no dirty dishes.  But after reading, "The Story of Stuff", I have become aware of our disposable nation.  Everything is made to be trashed.  So instead of getting in my car to drive to McDonalds, I picked up the dog leash and went for the most enjoyable walk with my pooch. While I was walking I realized if I just fry up an egg and toast some bread, I could have my own, much healthier, egg mcmuffin.  While I was making this delicious sandwich, a sense of peace and calm came over me.  I saved gas, not dri…

Mass Consumerism

Ok, so the other day I followed my intuition and quit my soulless job of passing out samples at a massive warehouse marketplace.  This picture is what we are striving for in mass consumerism.  It just doesn't feel right.  I wanted to educate myself more on how mass consumerism all came about.  So what's the first thing I do? I check Amazon to see if I can find a discounted book on the subject.   Waaaait a minute....hold back....that's right I live in the beautiful town of Crescent Hill, where I am so fortunate to be able to walk down the street to my local library, coffee shop, church, restaurant, consignment shop, etc..  So instead of pushing a button on my screen, my son and I had a nice walk to the library, where he checked out some books for himself, and I now have the most amazing book, "The Story of Stuff" by, Annie Leonard.

Today is going to be a good day

Today is going to be a very good day! Abundance flows to me effortlessly. I am loved by the universe. I trust and listen to my inner self.  I am going to make dinner for my family and neighbor, make cookies for a neighbor who just had a baby, and work on getting the house back in order.  Even though we are dirt poor right now, things are going to work themselves out.  I’m working on the Ali pictures and the grant info.  After I’m  Done with the grant info. I am going to hunker down and get serious about getting back to my Emily Dickinson Blog.  
This is a photo I made in my studio at the beginning of the summer.  I had the studio for about three months before the person I sublet it from decided she didn’t want it anymore.